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Grillex Pty Ltd OHS Cert

Grillex Pty Ltd OHS Cert

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Grillex Pty Ltd EMS Cert

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Grillex Pty Ltd QMS Cert

Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity



Q. Do you make both electric and gas barbeques?

No. Grillex only manufacture electric BBQs. Our electric BBQ units are more user friendly without the risk of gas leaks or dangerous flame-outs that could potentially cause explosions or fires. – protecting the BBQ users as well as our environment. Electric BBQs also means easier logistics – no need to store or carry heavy gas bottles, making it easier to maintain and avoid running out of gas during cooking. You can find more information about the features and benefits of our BBQs here.


Q. What is the difference between a 10amp and 15amp BBQ?

The two differences between a 10 and 15amp BBQ are the heat up times (10amp heats up in 8 minutes vs 15 amp at 6 minutes) and the power supply. Your site will affect whether the 10 or 15 amp is best as there will be a limit to how much power the site can draw. For new installs a 15amp is the preferred option but many sites only have the capacity for a 10amp BBQ. We recommend you check with a qualified electrician if you’re not 100% sure before placing your order.


Q. What is Grillex 360?

Grillex 360 is designed to give public space asset managers to more control over their BBQs – providing them with alerts and information about their assets no matter where they are. For more information about Grillex 360 and how we can help you take back control over your public assets, please visit our Grillex 360 page.


Q. Your products come with a range of mounting options including surface mount and inground mounting, but what’s the difference between surface and inground mounting?

Surface mount fixtures have holes in the legs for bolts to be inserted into anchors embedded in concrete. In-ground mounts are used in grassy areas or are prepared to be set in a concrete pad.


Q. What is HYVE?

HYVE is a sustainable, expanding system that helps build for the future. As your community grows, so does the HYVE with 60 ̊and 90 ̊ connectors that extend your system. Providing true flexibility, HYVE allows you to create more functionality within your space. For more information about creating a better shared space with HYVE, please visit our HYVE page.


Q. Can we have our Council/company logo applied to Grillex products?

Absolutely. We can apply your logo onto most products at an additional cost. Please speak with your Grillex sales consultant to find out more.


Q. Where can I view Grillex products?

You will find the range of Grillex products in parks and outdoor spaces throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Dubai. Your Grillex sales consultant will be able to assist you in finding a location near you. If you’re specifically looking for your nearest Grillex BBQ, you can use our interactive BBQ Finder Map.


Q. Where can I find more information about care and maintenance of Grillex products?

We provide detailed information on how best to care and maintain your Grillex products in our Maintenance Measures Guide.


Colours & Finishes

Q. What’s the difference between Deluxe and Designer finishes?

Deluxe finish provides Powder Coat only on the frames and endcaps whilst Designer gives you full coverage of Powder Coat over the product.


Q. What Powder Coat colours can I choose from?

We offer over 30+ different Powder Coat colours and over 20+ Colourbond roof finishes to choose from. Other colours may be available on request. You can view the range of colours here.


Q. I like the idea of TimberImage, but does it scratch easily?

TimberImage simulates the look of timber grain onto hassle-free aluminium extrusion making it very durable and does not scratch easily. You can find more information about TimberImage here.


Freight, Assembly & Installation

Q. Does the freight cost include the goods being unloaded at the delivery site?

No. Anything freighted on a pallet over 2.4 metres in length will require a HIAB which will incur an additional cost. Please speak to your sales consultant if you require unloading.


Q. Are the goods flat packed or assembled?

The majority of our products are flat packed and come with assembly instructions, however our BBQs and bin enclosures are freighted to you pre-assembled.


Q. Do you provide an installation service?

We do not provide installation as part of our service, however we do work with a range of professional installers throughout Australia. Please speak with your sales consultant to discuss further.


Q. Can I collect my order from the nearest Grillex sales office to me?

Unfortunately orders cannot presently be collected from our state sales offices.


Warranty, Customer Support & Spare Parts

Q. What is covered under Warranty?

Please see our Warranty Policy for detailed information on what is covered under warranty.


Q. What is the Grillex 100% Satisfaction Promise?

Our Grillex 100% Satisfaction Promise means that if we fail to make your day, you can call us within 20 years and we will make it right! If you feel like we have failed to make your day when partnering with us, please contact our dedicated Customer Experience team via phone or email.


Q. Can I purchase spare parts for Grillex products?

Yes. Grillex stock a full range of spare parts which are usually ready to ship same day.


Q. Do you offer after sales support?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience, which is why we have a dedicated Customer Experience team, based in Bundaberg, QLD on hand to support you with whatever you need, when you need it. Our support channels include: phone, email.


Q. Where are Grillex products manufactured?

All Grillex products are 100% Australian made using Australian Suppliers. Our purpose-built, state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Take a look here.


Q. Where can I find information of Grillex’s sustainability practices?

At Grillex we’re passionate about taking an integrated approach to sustainability. You can find out more information by visiting our Sustainability page.



Q. Are Grillex Approved Suppliers for my relevant State/ Territory Local Government association?

Yes. Grillex are certified Approved Suppliers for all States and Territories throughout Australia. 


Q. Do Grillex drinking fountains come with Watermark Certification?

Yes. Our drinking fountains are marked with the appliance incorporating backflow protection that complies with Victorian Standard AS/NZS 3500.1. You can view a copy of the Certificate of Conformity here.


Q. Do you have a third-party certification of your WHS Management System?

Yes. Grillex is certified to ISO 45001. A copy of the Grillex Safety Management System Certificate can be found here.


Q. Do you hold current ISO 14001 Environmental Management (EMS) Certification?

Yes. Grillex is certified to ISO 14001. A copy of the Grillex Environmental Management System Certificate can be found here.


Q. Does Grillex have a written Health and Safety Policy?

Yes. Grillex has a written Health and Safety Policy which can be found here.


Q. Does Grillex hold current ISO 9001 Quality Management (QMS) Certification?

Yes. Grillex is certified to ISO 9001. A copy of the Grillex Quality Management System Certificate can be found here.

3D Product Configurator + AR

Q. What is AR (Augmented Reality)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology used by the world’s largest companies. It enables customers to easily visualise products in their selected spaces to increase purchase confidence.


Q. Do I need specific software or an app to be able use AR?

No special hardware is required and it runs on iOS and Android mobile devices using

Instant AR (via your mobile browser).


Q. Which devices are compatible with AR?

AR is compatible on iPhone 6S or newer, iPad 5th Generation upward and a large range of popular Android mobile devices. The most commonly used Android devices are Samsung Galaxy S8 upward and the Google Pixel series. You can see the full Android compatibility list here.

Since AR is an advanced technology, it requires a mobile device with a modern camera and processor. Customers with more powerful mobile devices will have a better experience and AR is futureproof in that Apple and Google are adding AR compatibility into new devices, since they see AR as at natural progression of technology.

Low end devices are not currently compatible with AR as Apple and Google have restricted these to ensure there is a base line of performance. For optimum results we recommend using at least an iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 or Pixel 3.


Q. How do I use AR on the Grillex website?

Launching your AR experience will require you to press the “View product in your open space” button from the 3D Configurator on our website. You will then be prompted to scan a QR code to launch the AR.

When your AR experience starts, point your device at the floor and move it in a small circular motion to track your environment. This movement allows your camera to detect your environment and calculate the accurate perspective and sizing for placing your AR product.

Once your AR product appears, use one finger to drag your product and 2 fingers to rotate it. Note that your product is actually positioned in 3D in your space, so you can walk around it, to explore from various angles.


Q. How can I pay for my order and what payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard only), cheque and EFT transactions. There are no additional fees when paying by credit card.


Q. Is a deposit required when placing an order?

Yes. A 50% deposit is required 7 days from the Proforma date (prepayment for orders under $1,000). The final 50% payment is due 7 days from final invoice date – which is when the goods are ready for dispatch. Please note: Final payment is required when goods are dispatched, not when the goods are received on site.


Q. Where can I find the bank details for payment?

Our bank account details are shown on the bottom of the proforma invoice issued as well as the Final Tax Invoice.


Q. What happens if my order is ready but I don’t want the goods delivered to site until a later date?

If goods are ready and you decide you do not want them delivered until a later date, we will charge a storage fee and you will still be invoiced even if you chose not to accept the good until a later date.


Case Studies

New Norfolk, TAS

New Norfolk, TAS

Logan Gardens Water Park, QLD

Logan Gardens Water Park, QLD

Riverbend Park, TAS

Riverbend Park, TAS