Grillex partners with a number of tourism park operators and accommodation destinations to create unique open spaces that are not only stylish, durable and functional, but also provides comfort & ease of use to guests.

Rhapsody Resort Gold Coast

A 25 year history of partnering with councils all over Australia 


Creating communities through innovative open spaces 

Grillex provides a suite of open-space products for tourism parks & accommodation venues looking for a one-stop-vendor that helps them to create inviting spaces that bring people together outdoors.  

Our products cover a range of guest & visitor needs and are enhanced by an overarching commitment to thoughtful design, technology, and quality craftsmanship. As a result, we give our customers the freedom to decide how community spaces are used, managed and improved in order to benefit the greatest number of people possible, while knowing they're supported by the best equipment and service out there.  


Building trust through the (Grill)EX factor  

Grillex is committed to creating exceptional open-space solutions - exceptional quality, exceptional service, exceptional satisfaction guarantee. Our team is invested in every product we create, from concept to production, and we aim to inspire confidence through results.  

Through a commitment to consistent innovation and quality assurance, driven by a passionate team of industry experts, and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, Grillex provides the tools and confidence our tourism customers need to take control and bring their ideas to life.  

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Sydney Fish Markets

Grillex BBQ Benefits


Inbench BBQ
Streetstyle Bench
Streetstyle Seat
Streetstyle Table Setting
Atessa Park Seat
Atessa Table Setting
Citistyle Table Setting
Citistyle Seat
Frontier Double BBQ - Easy Access
Edge Double BBQ
Metro 8 Seat Table Setting
Metro Seat
Edge Triple BBQ
Contour Double BBQ
Round Table Setting
Atessa Bench
Citistyle Bench
Citistyle Bollards - Fixed/inground & Removable
Edge Double BBQ + Sink
Edge Double BBQ + Sink Extended
Edge Single BBQ + Sink
Edge Single BBQ + Bench
Stainless Steel Bollard - Removable
Atessa Dual Bin Enclosure
Integra Bench Seat
Stainless Steel Bollards - Fixed
Atessa Dual Bin Enclosure Heritage Range
Integra Double Enclosure
AKORA Skillion Shelter
Ash Can
Citistyle Narrow Hoop
Citistyle Wide Hoop
Gypsy Portable BBQ
Reviva Drinking Fountain
Table & Shelter Setting
Wave Seat