Australian all the way.

Grillex BBQ's are 100% Australian designed and owned and operated by a long standing Australian family business.

Grillex was born by us listening and acting on the feedback from our clients right around Australia, to take the pain out of public BBQ issues with an aim of zero down time!

As active Australian's we understand the challenges that can be faced in all corners of our great Country from remote locations, severe weather and extreme climate conditions.

Grillex gives you peace of mind as it has been rigidly tested to AS60335.178:2005. You can have complete confidence in a product designed, manufactured, certified and serviced in Australia for Australian conditions.

We have a dedicated customer care team providing service, advice and support, as we stand behind every BBQ we supply and readily have spare parts if they are required.

For service please call 1300 552 102 or email  

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