Sturdee Park, Logan, QLD


Sturdee Park in Loganlea is the first smart park for the Logan City Council district.

Built with a focus on security and resilience, the park contains many features designed to help keep the community safe.

Receiving funding in excess of $1.5million the park contains smart assets in the form of smart lighting, state-of-the-art surveillance, high tech digital games as well as the Grillex Frontier Double BBQ featuring the Mk2 Smart Controller.

The Mk2 Controller allows the Council to keep track of BBQ use, which in turn allows them to gain a great understanding of asset use and value within the park. In addition to this, child lock, timer, temperature and several other features can also be modified from the controller.

Sturdee Park is innovative not only in technology, but also in its approach to combating park vandalism. As an incentive to do the right thing within the park, a removable skate bowl has been added. If it is wrecked it will be removed. It is hoped this will deter the youth from damaging facilities.

You can find Sturdee Park on Station Rd in Loganlea.

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