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Project Overview

Grillex collaborated with Osborne Constructions to provide LandPlan Architects with a tailor-made HYVE modular furniture configuration. The project was implemented at Our Lady Help Of Christians School in Cairns, QLD, showcasing Grillex's commitment to creating vibrant and customisable outdoor spaces.


Customisation and Versatility

Choosing Grillex for the project empowered the client with a diverse range of color options and finishes, ensuring seamless integration with the client's specific needs and brand colors. The HYVE Modular Furniture offered by Grillex proved to be a versatile solution, allowing clients like LandPlan Architects to craft outdoor spaces tailored to perfection.


Key Benefit

  1. Color Variety: Grillex's extensive color palette facilitated a choice that aligned seamlessly with the client's vision and branding.

  2. Tailored Designs: The HYVE Modular Furniture enabled LandPlan Architects to create a bespoke outdoor space, meeting the unique requirements of Our Lady Help Of Christians School.



The successful collaboration between Grillex, Osborne Constructions, and LandPlan Architects resulted in the installation of a customised outdoor furniture solution at the school. Grillex's commitment to quality, sustainability, and customisation shines through, making it an ideal partner for architects and councils seeking innovative solutions for public spaces.


Why Grillex

  • Australian-Made: Grillex's 100% Australian-made products exemplify a commitment to supporting local industries.

  • Sustainability: Grillex's focus on sustainability aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious choices in outdoor furniture.



The Grillex partnership with Osborne Constructions and LandPlan Architects exemplifies our dedication to providing architects and councils with customisable, sustainable, and locally-made solutions for creating exceptional outdoor spaces. This project at Our Lady Help Of Christians School stands as a testament to Grillex's capability in enhancing public spaces through innovative design and collaboration.



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