Lantern Apartments


Inbench BBQ


Overlooking the largest mural in the Southern Hemisphere is Lantern Apartments. Featuring a striking black and white facade with sculptural forms that call to mind cascading ribbons – draping the building and diffusing the sun, the building pays homage to its local AFL team while embracing the artistic vibe of the area.

To enjoy the artwork on the neighbouring building, or to just take in the city views, a sun-dappled, rooftop recreation deck is a sanctuary far above street level, perfect for entertaining or escaping can be found. A curved, slatted pergola provides protection from the elements and allows for year-round enjoyment.

Dine out on this roof top deck, with the space providing several seating areas as well as a Grillex BBQ. With the Grillex’s unique design a consistent heat is provided right across the hot plate, which allows you to embrace the local culture and get creative with the meals you cook.



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