Grillex's seats are designed to provide strength, safety and comfort for users to enjoy all year round. Whether you are a local council with park space to fill, a school or university, hospital, shopping centre or any other area that caters to the public, there are so many benefits for providing the highest standards in outdoor environments.

Having benches in your park means that people are likely to spend more time outdoors. They can walk, run or play and then take a rest before enjoying more time in public areas. It also provides a serene place for people to enjoy their lunch or coffee, promoting social interaction.

Grillex also stocks quality aluminium school benches suitable for students of all ages where they can enjoy their lunch together. These options are built tough, so they can handle anything that students throw at them.

We are your official Australian supplier for the best brands in the industry, and we have provided options for councils, commercial enterprises and many more spaces across the country. Browse our range to find suitable options at the most affordable rates.

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Transform your outdoor space with our fantastic selection of options. The right solution brings new life into any outdoor recreation area. The public park is essential in terms of function, form and comfort. A place to sit is a core piece of furniture often used to set the style of an outdoor space or blend in with its natural backdrop.

Offering various styles to suit a wide range of settings and surroundings, what’s constant across the board is Grillex’s premium materials, natural and metallic finishes, and heavy duty anti-vandal features.  With this comes the desired look, performance and durability for which we are known for delivering each and every time. We understand how vital each aspect is when considering your choice of seating, and you can be sure that you're in the best hands when you invest in Grillex's products.

From aluminium school seating to BBQ equipment, we have it all

The huge selection of products that we have available doesn’t just stop at our pristinely-manufactured school and public park benches. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with everything from benches perfect for education institutions to public BBQ equipment and a whole lot more. Be sure to have a good look through everything we have to offer. Everything we manufacture has been designed and made with Australia’s weather in mind, and you’re sure to be impressed.

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We’re always happy to discuss what it is your commercial project is in need of, whether that is electric BBQ options or aluminium school seating. If you have any further questions regarding one or more of the products we have available, or would like a quote, please call today. If you’d prefer, you can use the online enquiry form we have available, which we’ll reply to as soon as possible.

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