Grillex partner with Finlease to make upgrading to a Grillex barbeque even easier.   




or Secure equipment finance on any Grillex open-space product.

Finlease is not a subsidiary of a bank. They are an independent, privately owned business, facilitating the finance for their clients through a broad base of finance underwriters.  

Unlike some larger financial institutions, Finlease is small enough to offer personal, dedicated service so needed by businesses, whilst being large enough to negotiate the right financial structures for their clients. They take their role very personally; it is their business and their lifeblood.  

They are a business focussed on service. They understand the "lifetime value" of their clients and recognise that such long-term relationships can only be forged through the provision of competitive finance products delivered on time, with minimal input from the client and with a high degree of personal service.   

Their role is to use their range of resources to independently secure the most favourable, flexible arrangements for their clients as well as speed and ease of approval through to settlement.  

Having been in business for over 30 years, with offices Australia wide and consistently funding over $500mil p/a in equipment finance, Finlease has the skill sets and buying power to be very effective advocates in negotiating the right outcome for their clients.   

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