Public Drinking Fountains

An outdoor area in Australia isn't complete without drinking fountains and bottle fillers to quench the thirsts. Aussies are heading outdoors in record numbers to walk, run, cycle and exercise in the sun, and they are going to gravitate towards areas that provide water for vital rehydration. Our range is not only practical, but also looks fantastic in any setting.

Safety is vital, and our selection meets all industry standards and compliance, so users will only be getting fresh, clear and clean water. Our products are marked with the appliance incorporating backflow protection that complies with Victorian Standard AS/NZS 3500.1, which is your seal of authenticity that you can display to the public.


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Here at Grillex, we pride ourselves on offering everything you need to make your public outdoor area a great space for everyone who uses it. Our extensive range includes a variety of public drinking fountains from brands that combine high quality solutions with innovative design. With us, you can always find something that matches your style needs while ensuring that you’re getting exceptional value for money.

No outdoor area is complete without one of our drinking fountains

Whether you're designing a park, swimming pool or a school yard, drinking fountains are non-negotiable. It ensures that all your guests have access to an easy, accessible way to rehydrate - especially during the summer months when they need it most. Understanding this need, we provide a selection of colour options for you to choose from, meaning you can customise to your specific requirements.

Our options provide all the features you should be looking for – a cooler, hygienic materials, strong aluminium design and a lifetime warranty. You can even choose to include a dog bowl for those furry friends. This is why we are the choice suppliers to project managers and designers throughout Australia.

quality eco-friendly solutions

Wastage is a genuine concern in the modern world. As we strive towards a more sustainable future, it's essential that we only use what we need. Our range includes the latest innovations to prevent water from being wasted, therefore reducing your overall expenses.

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Not only do we offer drinking fountains, but a whole slew of other items that can take your public space to the next level. From barbecues and bike parking to stadium seats and grandstands, we do it all. Take a look at our comprehensive range today to see how we can help you turn your public space into an outdoor oasis for all who visit.

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