Protect and direct traffic with highly cost effective bollards that don't overlook modern and classy design.

steel safety bollards

Direct flow of traffic with highly cost-effective bollards that don't overlook modern and classy design. They may appear simple, but they offer a range of essential features that mean they cannot be ignored. Any location with traffic moving through it needs these to help regulate flow, while alerting drivers to any hazards like narrow roads, sharp drop-offs, high kerbing and more.

Protecting vehicles from collisions is one job for these barriers, while safeguarding your people and property is the other. Our range has been engineered to provide complete protection from vehicle collisions in order to keep your premises safe.

Safety barriers are essential for any space where pedestrians and cars are going to share the same roads. They are easy to place according to where you need them. Signals, signage and pedestrian crossings help control and manage cars and pedestrians, but our range of stainless steel barriers provide a shield that could prevent a tragedy.

We also have a selection of retractable options available for spaces where you want to control the flow of traffic. You can allow certain vehicles access to restricted areas, then raise the bollards to prevent other cars from gaining access. Retractable options are also an excellent way to secure parking areas that are off-limits to the general public.

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