Bike parking

Welcome bicycle traffic into recreation areas with safe, stylish and diverse bike parking solutions to suit every setting.

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Commercial Bike Racks for Schools and Streets of Australia

As communities continue to embrace the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, the provision of safe and practical bicycle storage solutions has become a must. Grillex's’s diverse range of commercial bike racks offer a solution for every design vision and space restriction, whether at a school, in a park, or anywhere else outside.

Fabricated in a range of stainless steel and alloy materials, these racks range from simple and cost effective to stylish and elegant.

Top of the range bike racks for city and outback settings

More and more people are getting on their bikes and out into the open air. Some commute to work or school, others take up cycling as a form of exercise or as a serious competitive sport, while many just take pleasure in sharing a wholesome, healthy recreation with family and friends. With this sporty lifestyle in mind Grillex are proud to supply a range of bike parking racks and stands that offer practical storage solutions to encourage cyclists of all ages to gain maximum enjoyment from this healthy outdoor pursuit.

Our wide range of durable options

Our popular bike rack's come in two sizes, with sets of either 5 rungs to accommodate 10 bikes or 7 rungs which can house up to 12 bikes, perfect for schools. They’re surface mounted, and provide double-sided user access - perfect for heavy traffic areas. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel tubing, a stainless steel Grillex bicycle stand is a simple but elegant storage solution appropriate for a variety of settings.

When stored in a Citistyle Bike Rack, each bike is attached to a surface-mounted hoop. Elegant hoops are manufactured from stainless steel tubing in narrow or semi-hoop shapes. They are the ultimate in minimalist bicycle storage solutions, great for urban settings with space restrictions.

Like all of our other commercial products available such as Grillex BBQ solutions and Interseat seating and street furniture, our bike racks are manufactured from high quality materials and have strong hard-wearing finishes. All of the stands and racks in our range are equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel fittings to deter misuse, vandalism and theft. Indeed, we are so confident about their durability in the harshest of climatic conditions in Australia that we offer a life time structural warranty on all styles of bike parking rack.

These can be used for a variety of settings; from heavy traffic areas like school playgrounds and transport terminals to lightly used sites such as residential developments; from the damp coastal fringe to the dry heat of the outback; from restricted city streets to more generous suburban spaces; and from rustic parklands to sophisticated urban malls. At Grillex we’re proud of our cost-effective bicycle storage solutions and we’re confident that each style will complement its setting and provide a safe, convenient, practical facility for cyclists throughout Australia.

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