Edge Double BBQ

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Grillex Double BBQ is the ultimate eco-friendly barbeque that will easily accommodate large gatherings in any setting. The Edge Double BBQ can cook twice as much with the efficient Smarter BBQ design that directs the heat where you need it. Even better, It comes fully assembled to have you cooking sooner with no timely assembly involved. Grillex cooks not stews your steaks.

Note * As an option switches can be placed on opposite sides of the BBQ top (diagonal) allowing it to be accessible to cook from both sides. 

Now you can make your BBQ smarter with the Grillex 360 system. Grillex 360 

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Edge Double BBQ

  • deluxe
  • stainless steel
  • bricked -in
  • grillex 360 system - control box & external antenna
  • lift-off lid

deluxe EDB-DC-STD-001

$9249.00 +GST

Aluminium cabinet p/coated in choice of colour/s from Grillex's Colour Chart, Stainless steel fully welded top backed with marine grade plywood for high strength Available as 10 & 15 AMP

stainless steel EDB-DC-SST-001

$9959.00 +GST

Full stainless steel cabinet and fully welded top, BBQ top backed with marine grade plywood for high strength Available as 10 & 15 AMP (not recommended for coastal/marine areas)

bricked -in BDB-DC-STD-001

$9838.00 +GST

Strong fabricated aluminium internal frame, Stainless steel fully welded top backed with marine grade plywood for high strength, BBQ doors p/coated in choice of colour from Grillex's Colour Chart (Note - Does not come with bricks) Available as 10 & 15 AMP

grillex 360 system - control box & external antenna GRILLEX 360

$475.00 +GST

Includes: Grillex 360 enabled control box & external antenna FREE subscription to Grillex 360 dashboard Access to reporting data via Grillex 360 dashboard (*premium monthly subscription costs additional)

lift-off lid BBQ-AC-SST-011

$213.00 +GST

Stainless Lift-off lids are a great budget-wise option to protect the plates when not in use. They are fixed by a stainless cable and hangers are installed on end of the bbq cabinet. Price listed is for one (1) lid.

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features & benefits

  • Strong stainless or aluminium powdercoated cabinet with stainless steel top
  • Overall size 1900 x 800mm
  • Grillex Inbench Barbeque plates available in a 10amp or 15amp option  BBQ Plate Info 
  • Very easy and safe to clean
  • Heavy duty keyed Lockwood locks
  • Cabinet is supplied fully assembled reducing installation costs
  • Includes BBQ grease bucket & bag kit

ideal for

  • Parks
  • Sporting and recreational areas
  • Tourist parks
  • Resorts
  • Multi Residential

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