The new Grillex barbeque gives you the ultimate barbequing experience - you can cook twice as much with the efficient Smarter BBQ design that directs the heat where you need it. Grillex is also now able to offer real-time diagnostics on your BBQ's to your smart device, making it easy and cost-affective to keep BBQ's working & manage park assets.

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The Leading Supplier of Commercial BBQ Suppliers for Park and Public Use

The great Australian pastime of al fresco cooking and dining revolves around the barbeque. And we are the proud supplier of an innovative range of commercial BBQ equipment delivering premium cooking results, safety, and robust durability while being ‘green’ in nature.

Our range offers you flexibility with our innovative new GRILLEX GXA-10 and GXA-15 models, or if you are looking for something a bit unique talk to us today about our custom cabinet options!

Commercial barbecue equipment that produces delicious results

There’s nothing better than an outdoor BBQ to enliven a park or other public area and foster a sense of friendly community spirit. To complement Grillex’s commercial street furniture we have produced an innovative commercial BBQ: our GRILLEX barbeque range.

The GRILLEX barbecues present a new standard in commercial electric bbq solutions, providing fast heat up times, user friendliness and a maximum serviceability. With the flexibility of both 10A and 15A versions and the ability to retrofit into standard public barbeque benchtop cut-outs, the GRILLEX range can suit any application required. Unlike cooking equipment made from less durable lower grade stainless steel, the plates have been formed from rugged commercial-grade 316 stainless steel and are not prone to warping.

The control unit allows each installation to be adjusted to the site requirements while on site. The cooking temperature, cooking time, child lock feature and buzzer volume controls can all be easily accessed (inside the cabinet) and adjusted on site, without requiring a licensed electrician. Fault detection and indication, coupled with “Plug and play” design allows ease of troubleshooting and diagnosis in the unlikely event of a fault with the unit.

A supplier working hard to keep your park and the whole environment clean

We are proud of our eco focus. Wherever possible we use eco-friendly materials in the public street and park equipment we supply and in our business operations we are committed to creating minimal waste. We also encourage our customers to adopt environmentally sustainable purchasing practices. As you’d expect, the healthy open-air lifestyle is dear to our hearts and we strive to source products that will help our customers to create a safe, pleasant environment in public parks and other outdoor areas throughout Australia.

The GRILLEX range are barbecues that will add zest to your public spaces and inspire a healthy outdoor lifestyle. They are rugged, designed and built to withstand Australia’s harsh environment, delivering safe, reliable performance with low installation and maintenance costs over an extended lifespan. We at Grillex are proud to be the supplier of this eco-friendly, energy-efficient commercial BBQ equipment that produces excellent cooking results with minimal power consumption.

Offering a large selection of outdoor furniture options

To accompany each of these high performance electric barbeques, consider some practical and attractive park furniture such as waste containers, shelters, table settings and bench seats to complete the al fresco dining experience! As your dedicated public BBQ supplier, we aim to offer a range of solutions to make the entire experience enjoyable from beginning to end.

Browse our range today for more information.

For more information on each product or to learn more about why you should make us your supplier of choice, please reach out to our national sales support team on 1300 552 102.

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