Inbench BBQ

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The Grillex Inbench BBQ gives you the ultimate barbequing experience - you can cook twice as much with the efficient Smarter BBQ design that directs the heat where you need it. Even better. Grillex cooks not stews your steaks!

Now you can make your BBQ smarter with the Grillex 360 system.
Grillex 360 

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Inbench BBQ

  • inbench unit
  • grillex 360 system - control box & external antenna
  • retro-fit bbq door

inbench unit BBQ GRLXA

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grillex 360 system - control box & external antenna GRILLEX 360

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Includes: Grillex 360 enabled control box & external antenna FREE subscription to Grillex 360 dashboard Access to reporting data via Grillex 360 dashboard (*premium monthly subscription costs additional)

retro-fit bbq door BBQ-AC-SST-006

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304 Stainless Steel

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features & benefits

  • Grillex Inbench Barbeque plates are available in a 10amp (GXA-10) or 15amp (GXA-15) option
  • Under and over voltage protection with automatic self-resetting
  • Removable Inbench Unit for fire or flood prone areas
  • Lightweight for easy handling and reducing the risk of injury
  • Adjustable cooking temperature (175 - 275 degrees C)
  • Adjustable cooking time (10 - 40min)
  • 5 second delay child lock feature (can be turned off and on easily)
  • Audible buzzer to alert when Barbeque is turning on and off
  • Start counter, power usage and run times all captured and easy to access
  • Very easy and safe to clean
  • Cooking hot plate made from 316 stainless steel
  • Time Clock to set required operation times
  • Includes BBQ grease bucket & bags kit

ideal for

  • Parks
  • Sporting and recreational areas
  • Tourist parks
  • Resorts
  • Multi Residential

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