Grey Gums Oval, Penrith City Council, NSW

With help from the local Cranebrook community, Grey Gums Oval playground has been transformed into a new play space.

The new facilities will allow for a wider range of use and enjoyment.

The addition of shelter and seating complements the space, while a new path connection has been built to Glynn Close to improve access. 

The project was completed by Council's Parks department as part of asset renewal works.

This project included the use of table settings, bin enclosures and a 4-post universal shelter from Unisite's Citistyle range.

The table settings used in this project was complemented by Unisite's newest timber, Eco 5000, which is a modern-day timber product designed to save the environment, as well as project installation time and money. With the benefit of being a fully certified product, the Eco 5000 has a safe eco-friendly finish designed for Australia's harsh conditions. This extremely robust timber surpasses all major parameters such as structural integrity, dimensional stability, durability and pest infestations.

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