What is TimberImage™?

TimberImage™ provides the beauty and natural warmth of timber with the durability and ease of aluminium.

Grillex's new wood-look process permanently simulates the look and feel of timber grain onto an absolutely maintenance-free aluminium extrusion. 

TimberImage™ brings something special to your project, delivering a stunning finish without ongoing hassle and upkeep. And for a truly seamless result, it's available for table settings, seating, bins, BBQs and more. 

Why we suggest TimberImage™

  • Strength of aluminium with the look of timber
  • More durable than composite
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Never needs repainting
  • Won't warp or dry out
  • Termite and insect proof
  • Won't rot, splinter or crack
  • Great in fire danger areas
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves on costly maintenance

Producing TimberImage™

TimberImage™ - or producing aluminium products with the look of timber- involves a process called sublimation.

Preparation and coating

The raw aluminium surface undergoes a conventional pre-treatment of chemical changes, forming thin layers of amorphous oxide covered with coating.

The next stage of the powder coating process involves the use of electrostatic guns to make an 80-120µ (microns) powder paint layer.

Polymerization happens afterwards by heating the profiles to 220° Celsius for 30 minutes.

The base coat applied is very durable and scratch resistant, protecting the aluminium from external factors such as abrasion, corrosion, weather, humidity and UV damage.

Decorating the aluminium

A film transfer that is already preprinted needs to cover the entire product while on the conveyor system. Air is then removed using a vacuum suction system.

The conveyor inserts the aluminium profile into an oven to make changes to the ink pigments, which are converted from solid to gas then back to solid again, resulting in a perfect thermo print.

TimberImage™ Colours

We are proud to stock the stylish and popular Western Red Cedar colour in our TimberImage™ range. There's also a wide choice of different timber grain finishes available to inject variety or help you match a certain colour or look.

Friendly to the environment

Enjoy peace of mind and help conserve natural resources with this sustainable product. TimberImage™ delivers the look and feel of timber without supporting destructive logging practices.

*Colours other than Western Red Cedar may attract a minimum order, longer lead times and surcharge.

Timber Image

Standard Colours:


Western Red Cedar          Blackbutt    

*Other colours available - Minimum quantities apply - Please contact for further information 


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