Australian Hardwoods - no.1 in durability rating


Grillex's timber slats are manufactured from various Australian Hardwoods. Depending on the time of year the timber species can vary but be assured that all species we use have a Class 1 rating in durability making them the world's most durable hardwood timbers. Their strength and abundance of natural oils makes it ideal for use in a diverse range of climates and is very easy to maintain. The timber seasons very well with little degrade. All our timber comes pre-oiled. 

The colour of the timber varys between species but is generally a light to dark reddish brown colouring which makes a beautiful contrast to most frame colours. 

The Grain variable of the timber is normally interlocking or wavy textured making the furniture look the stunning natural image it should be.  

Some of the species available are Red Gum, Red Ironbark and Spotted Gum.

Timber Leaching

Despite the kiln drying process for hardwoods that brings the timber's moisture level to an industry standard, leaching can still sometimes occur, which is the release of natural tannins from the timber.

It is usually visible as a brown stain most often on plain concrete surfaces. When this occurs, it is imperative to wash this off as soon as possible with undiluted bleach on the affected area to prevent permanent staining.

Scrub in the bleach and let it soak for 20mins then wash it away thoroughly with warm water and a broom.

For more information and specifications visit - https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/forestry/using-wood-and-its-benefits/wood-properties-of-timber-trees 


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