Your chosen finish can be selected based on your desired look and feel and the proposed setting and climate, and intended use.

Unisite's versatile, robust and unique finishes include: 

  • Standard - Clear anodised extrusion with silver colour frames and endcaps
  • Deluxe - Clear anodised extrusion with frames and endcaps powdercoated in colour*
  • Designer - All surfaces powdercoated in any colour or pattern*

Powdercoat - Neutral


Black Satin (Night Sky)  Silver Pearl Kinetic        Jasper                           Berry Grey                    Classic Cream


Hawthorn Green           Manor Red                   Navy                             Metropolis Storm Pearl          Deep Ocean


Paperbark                     Charcoal                      Pale Eucalypt                New Hammersly Brown           Dune

Woodland Grey

Powdercoat - Bright


Dark Violet                    Orange X15                   Flame Red                    Yellow Gold                  Mistletoe


French Blue                    Blaze Blue

Powdercoat - Textured


Aztec Silver                    Grey Hammer

Colours shown are a digital representation only; colours, shaed and textures may vary on finished products.

* alternative colours may be available on request. Please contact your sales representatiove for further details