Eco 5000

Eco 5000 is an engineered modern day timber product designed to save the environment, and your time and money. It is supplied throughout the world and Grillex recommends Eco 5000 as the ideal Timber option for your furniture with its non-leaching and pre-finished properties. With the benefit of being a fully certified product the Eco 5000 is a safe ecofriendly product that can perform in our country's harsh environments. This extremely robust timber surpasses all major parameters such as structural integrity, dimensional stability, durability and pest infestations


  • Fully FSC Certified 
  • More resistant to termites & borers than most timbers
  • Impregnated LVL construction using hardwood veneers 
  • No tannin stain (meaning that the timber does not bleed) 
  • Gun barrel straight, every piece every time

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