Bororen Community Hall, QLD


Situated on the Bruce Highway just north of Miriam Vale is Bororen. The small country town has approximately 400 residents and is a pit stop for many people travelling North to Gladstone and Beyond or South to Bundaberg or Beyond.

As a regular traveller I would say the area is famous for its Crab Sandwiches at the servo and the Big Giraffe Art Gallery and Coffee Shop.

There is a great rest stop on the main road as you pass through the small town, however if you are feeling adventurous, why not turn down Hickman St and check out the New Grillex Edge BBQ at the Community Hall.

The Bororen Hall Committee hosts several events throughout the year in which BBQ facility are required. These events include a Community Meal and Australia Day Breakfast. To enable the Committee to have a fixed bbq unit at the Community Hall for these events, as well as allow the General Public greater facilities, while enjoying the hall, sports field and playground, funds were raised and a Grillex Edge BBQ was purchased.

In order to provide a bit of sun protection a 2 Post Shelter by the Unisite Group was also purchased and installed to cover the bbq, creating a setup very close to the Kimberley Package offered by the Unisite Group.

The only difference being the Kimberley Package includes a Double BBQ, not a Single.

Now installed, the BBQ is available for the local community and travellers to enjoy. If you are passing through Bororen on your way up or down the Queensland Coast why not take a turn down Hickman St and check out the Community Hall and have a Barbecue.

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