Fast Facts & Benefits


Safe cooking methods are important and the GXA unique patented heat cell design ensures the hotplate remains at a safe and sterile cooking temperature over the entire hotplate surface.


The Grillex GXA hotplate is stamped from a single sheet of premium food grade quality 316 stainless steel that further undergoes the electropolishing treatment giving it unparalleled cooking performance making it easier and quicker to clean and sterilise for user safety.


Self-diagnostics with fault codes and flashing warnings allows easier and quicker rectification. A thermostat cut out switch is fitted to prevent overheating. Integrated surge protection ensures reliable operation, and the IP rated plugs, connections and controllers, prevent water ingress.


Grillex cabinets come in a range of different options such as single, double or multiple configurations manufactured in both high grade 304 stainless steel or aluminium. Our acclaimed wheelchair accessible design ensures access for all. Powder coated durable colours and hammer tone finishes provide a long lasting and easy to clean surface that lasts in harsh environments.


Grillex provides immediate customer support and Express postage services on all spare parts to all locations Australia wide. The Grillex customer service and follow up calls program is unmatched.


BBQ's are professionally packed and palletised and for shipping to ensure safe arrival and prevents any delay in service commencement.


Advanced design GXA 10 and 15 amp units have the power, heat and efficiency for maximum performance minimum power usage as the heat is captured and reflected up towards the cooking plate for faster cooking times and better economy.


Design allows units to be quickly and safely removed without the need of a licenced electrician ensuring you can easily protect your valuable assets from natural disasters such as fires and floods. The Grillex GXA units are compact and lightweight at 15kg for ease of lifting and reducing any OH&S concerns.


Maintenance is made easy with large access doors, high-quality parts and superior finishes. The Grillex Guaranteed Service ensures a peace of mind and consistently stocked parts means less downtime.


Custom cabinets can be made to suit everybody's needs, and options include sinks, lift off lids, coin operation and key switches.


Australian designed and rigidly tested to AS60335.178:2005. The GXA is designed, manufactured, certified and serviced in Australia for Australian conditions.


To ensure an efficient and hygienic way to capture and remove waste, buckets for waste collection and heat proof bags are supplied with each unit.


GXA electronic controller features an intelligent, predictive temperature control that accurately monitors and responds to data history maintaining a more consistent cooking temperature for ease of use. It also controls a variety of smart processes including self-analysis and a highly visible LED button that changes colour at different stages of the cycle.


The Grillex cabinets come completely assembled allowing minimum installation time. The lightweight and robust aluminium cabinet design enables ease of movement for positioning onsite.


Two-year warranty on GXA in bench unit and a lifetime warranty on the BBQ Cabinet.


Grillex Group's commitment to QA standard ISO 9001 and extensive use of LEAN manufacturing principles ensure that the product is designed, assembled and finished to the highest standard possible.


Grillex BBQ's can be customised to suit many architectural designs. The ability to operate from a standard 10-amp outlet also is cost effective in multi-residential projects.


Family owned and operated, Grillex is an Australian company with extensive 25 years' experience and dedicated staff and designers with vast experience to understand the challenges of the unique Australian & New Zealand climates.