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bringing people together outdoors with our range of commercial electric BBQ's, street & park furniture and much more.....

Grillex provides a suite of open-space products for organisations looking to consolidate vendors; in a one-stop-shop approach; that helps them to create inviting spaces that bring people together outdoors.

Grillex is an Australian family-owned business with an outstanding 25-year reputation. Our products cover a range of community needs and are enhanced by an overarching commitment to thoughtful design, technology, and quality craftsmanship.

As a result, we give our customers the freedom to decide how community spaces are used, managed and improved, in order to benefit the greatest number of people possible, while knowing they're supported by the best equipment and service out there.

Building trust through the (Grill)EX factor.

Grillex is committed to creating exceptional open-space solutions - exceptional quality, exceptional service, exceptional satisfaction guarantee. Our team is invested in every product we create, from concept to production, and we aim to inspire confidence through results.

Through a commitment to consistent innovation and quality assurance, driven by a passionate team of industry experts, and backed by our 100% satisfaction promise, Grillex 'makes your day' by providing the tools and confidence our customers need to take control and bring their ideas to life.

Celebrating life together. Every day, everywhere.

Everything we do at Grillex starts with the individual in mind. Whether that be about providing our customers with the best products and service, bringing friends and families together outdoors, or our team uniting to celebrate our customers' wins - we're privileged to be in the business of uniting people and creating reasons and opportunities for them to come together and celebrate.

We believe that communities are the backbone of our towns and cities, and we're passionate about building these communities and making it easy for everyone to enjoy the beautiful open spaces on offer.

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Browse our online product range that also includes grandstands, barbeques, drinking fountains and bike parking.

For more information on each product or to learn more about why you should make us your supplier of choice, please reach out to our national sales support team on 1300 552 102.


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